Osserman, Robert

A survey of minimal surfaces / Robert Osserman - 207 p. ; 21 cm.

Parametric surfaces : local theory -- Non-parametric surfaces -- Surfaces that minimize area -- Isothermal parameters -- Bernstein´s theorem -- Parametric surfaces : global theory Generalized minimal surfaces. Complete surfaces -- Minimal surfaces with boundary Plateau problem. Dirichlet problem -- Parametric surfaces in E3. The Gauss map -- Surfaces in E3. Gauss curvature and total curvature -- Non-parametric surfaces in E3 Removable singularities. Dirichlet problem -- Application of parametric methods to non-parametric problems. Heinz´ inequality. Exterior Dirichlet problem -- Parametric surfaces in E3 : generalized Gauss map --


Superficies minimas [matematicas]
Geometria integral

516.362 / O84a

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